Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mrs. Brown (1997) Review

Mrs. Brown focuses on a period of Queen Victoria's life in which she is in deep mourning over the death of her husband Prince Albert and a servant, John Brown, is brought in to help her out of her depression. Mrs. Brown is truly a great movie and I believe that it is mostly because of the amazing chemistry between Judi Dench and Billy Connolly.

Judi Dench does an extraordinary job at capturing the sadness felt by Queen Victoria. The Queen was desribed as being inconsolable and it is proven in the first scene in which John Brown addresses her by being surprised at how depressed she is. Judi's acting is right where it should be and it makes the scene powerul. Judi Dench also does a great job at revealing the growing dependency that Queen Victoria has on John Brown. She relies on him to help her through her grief and does not allow for anyone to speak against him.

Billy Connolly also does an amazing job at expressing the pride that John Brown takes in being the right hand man of the Queen. He does not allow for anyone to speak ill of the Queen and he will defend her at the expense of his pride. The scene in which after John Brown was beaten up and his brother is helping him with his wounds is great at revealing the devotion that he has for the Queen. Although he is extremely hurt he does not allow his injuries to keep him from serving his Queen.

Again, the chemistry between the two leads is electrifying. The scene toward the end is absolutely compelling. When Queen Victoria is admitting to John Brown that she has not been a loyal friend like John has been to her and then John attempts to reassure her by saying that he will continue to look after her. That scene is so fascinating.

Of course the movie also benefits from having such a spectacular supporting cast. Geoffrey Palmer as Ponsonby and Antony Sher as Prime Minster Disraeli. The sets and costume designs also add to the movie's greatness.

The story is really good too and it allows for Judi Dench to show the mourning of the the complicated figure that was Queen Victoria. It might not have been the most intriguing story but it made for an entertaining movie.

Mrs. Brown is an incredibly entertaining film and it owes much of its merit to the incredible performance by Dame Judi Dench.

4.5/5 stars

What do you think about the movie?

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